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Loan Closet equipment has been purchased witht he deposits of previous borrowers and/or donated by generous individuals and charitable organizations.  Loan Closet items are available to the residents of Lafayette County.

A small non-refundable deposit is required when borrowing equipment.  The patient or family is responsible for picking up ad returning equipment.  All equipment must be returned in good, clean condition.  All equipment should be cleansed with soap and water, rinsed and dried before returning.  If items are not returned in good, clean condition, and additional fee may be adked to help cover repair or replacement.  The equipment is intended for short-term use only.  After 6 months of use the borrower will be billed the deposit amount every 6 months there after until the borrowed item(s) is/are returned.

Health Department has the following items available for rent:

Bath Bench $ 10.00
Crutches $ 10.00
Extender (reacher)/Shoe Horn $5.00
Gait Belt $ 5.00
IV Pole $ 10.00
Lift Chair $ 50.00
Overbed Table $ 10.00
Shampoo Tray $ 5.00
Slide Board $ 5.00
Toilet Elevation/Commode $ 10.00
Toilet Safety Bar $ 5.00
Tub Safety Bar $5.00
Walker $ 10.00
Walking Canes $5.00
Wheelchair $20.00

Please contact the Health Department at (608) 776-4895 if you would like to use any of the above equipment. 

The equipment is "as is" and may be new or used.  By signing the form it releases the Lafayette County Health Department of all liability for the loan of this equipment.