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Childhood Immunizations

The Lafayette County Health Department generally follows the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Kindergarten Recommendations when it comes to vaccinating children. If an alternate schedule is developed by your physician, please let us know.


COST: The vaccines provided by the Lafayette County Health Department are FREE for all children through the age of 18 that are on Badgercare/MA or have no insurance. *  If your child has insurance other than Badgercare/MA they should recieve their vaccinations thru their doctor.

*Donations are welcome to help cover the cost of administering the vaccines. (nurse time)
**We are able to bill Badgercare/MA for an administration fee.

Access your child’s immunization record

Our Clinics are held every Tuesday afternoon and Friday monring.  Please call for appointments. 608-776-4895.

Download the fact sheets from the CDC:

DTaP Fact Sheet
Polio Fact Sheet
Hib Fact Sheet
Pneumococcal Fact Sheet
Rotavirus Fact Sheet
Hep B Fact Sheet
Hep A Fact Sheet
MMR Fact Sheet
HPV Fact Sheet
Meningococcal Fact Sheet
Varicella Fact Sheet
After the Shots